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Jan 29, 2012 16:48
Two members of AKB48 got out of the group due to leaking of their private pictures.
The pictures showed them with men in their houses.
The source of picture were their private accounts of Twitter.

Twitter has caused a lot of celebrities problems.

For example, you may know, Japanese actor was laid off from his production company because of posting about recent trend of mass media on Twitter.
He tried to claim that a certain broad cast company has been showing nothing but K-pop or Korean dramas and he posted about it in harsh words.
It confused a society and some people criticized him.
The company decided to fire him after all.

Meanwhile, ordinary people sometime cause a problem on Twitter.
A girl saw celebrity couple coming into hotel that she used to work at.
She got so excited that she posted about it.
However, the couple didn't want public to know about it because they apparently wanted to keep it secret.
Some nerds identified her through her SNS account and exposed pictures of her on the web.
She was criticized about it and was also laid off.

I learned that you can post anything you want there, but responsibilities are required to do that.
And that internet is fearful in many ways.