I Got a Manga.

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Jun 8, 2012 13:06
The other day, I ordered some manga on Amazon.

There were four books I ordered, and two of them are new books as I mentioned the last entry.

I'm so looking forward to getting new two that the others were completely forgotten.

I got home yesterday and I found a book reached my mailbox.

The book was the used one I ordered on the internet with the new books.

It was called "Nodame Cantabile" vol.6.

I don't have all of Nodame books because they had already been out of print.

So you can't get new one, then the used ones have become more expensive.

I can't afford such expensive books, so I'm waiting for them to become cheaper.

When I ordered the books, I found them cheaper, so I ordered them together.

The last book I don't have of Nodames is vol.11.

It looks still expensive.

I also doesn't have all of them after vol.17, but I guess the books after vol.17 don't exist in English though there are 23 volumes in Japanese.

If you know some information about them after vol.17, please let me know that.

I hope I can get the rest of them on this weekend, and I want to read them outside under the sun.