Yesterday's nearly Life or Death experience.

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May 13, 2011 17:24

7:30pm .My teacher was feeling kind that afternoon so he allowed us to go earlier than usual.
I really like this teacher.He explains everything really well and he is funny when he has to be.

Normally ,I take the subway back home but yesterday I had a birthday party so I thought I would go back by car with one of the other students.
I did this because I wanted extra time to take a shower and get myself pretty.

The only one who had to go in the same direction as me ,was the youngest and had just obtained the driving license.

He is a nice person but he sometimes seems a bit immature.

In five minutes we were already lost. I told him the way we should go but he just answered that he knew what he was doing.
I started to laugh because I could have never imagined someone could have such a bad orientation.

He laughed with me but he just kept making the wrong decisions.We passed by many roundabouts which could've solved the situation but he didn't even give them a glance.

In my opinion he couldn't have done it worst even if it had been on purpose.

We circled the whole city and ended at the the port.
At last he seemed to head for the right direction but there was a really dangerous curve ahead of us.
He was using the 5th gear.
I thought he was going to reduce speed but he entered the curve as if it was nothing.

I recall the turmoil in my head, should I shout? Should I grab the controls?What about the pedals?
My mind made the decision in an instant.
I thought I should remain silent and have faith in him because me taking action would only freeze him and reduce our possibilities of success.

We were in the middle of the curve and I could feel the inertial forces making the wheels skid as he used the brakes energetically.

Fortunately it was a minor skid and we could resume our way.
We were both in shock . He confessed to me he hadn't known what to do before such a curve so he had just followed his instincts.

I can't believe how I managed to stay so calm.

I'm never going to get inside a car with him ever again.

Every situation has a dance attached to it.