Heavy Traffic

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Apr 20, 2011 00:04

With their income raised, their needs also were increased.Now more and more people bought cars for their vehicles, so it made the traffic very crowd, and on the walkway many cars were parked, so it is hardly to walk. in residential quarter many cars also parked.
Most of people didn't need a car, because they just drived to work about ways of 1 or 2 kilometers. Some of them loaned and bought car in orde to make them be graceful and rich.
With cars increased, the traffic accidents also increased. Most of drivers just past the driver's license examinaton, and their experience was not good.
I have a driving license,but I didn't have a car. Because I go to work just about 1 kilometer's way. I go to work by electric bicycle. It is environmental protecton and easy, sometimes it was faster than cars.