Cooling in summer

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Jul 8, 2013 23:58
Cooling in summer
It is in summer. The weather is very hot. People cool themselves by many ways, such as drinking cool drink, staying in the room that air-condition is on, swimming in the river. When I was a child, I cooled myself with fans and electric fans. When I was a single, I used a mini electric fan hanging over my body to cool myself when I was sleep.
现在是夏天。天气非常火热。人们通过各种方式降温,如喝冷饮、呆在空调房间里、在河里游泳。 我小时候,我用扇子和电扇降温。我单身时,我晚上睡觉时用一台小型电扇挂在我的上面降温。