How can I get to Japan?

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Apr 15, 2011 19:49
I was in high school since I first got my love to Japan. I don't even know where this feeling started. I just woke up and can't get Japan out of my mind. Now, I am already a College student, Currently taking up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management and I wanna be a Pastry Chef someday. I thought that goal will be easier for me to step in Japan. But that is just what I thought. Being in Japan sounds easy but if I am planning to migrate at that country, I better think twice. but I WILL NOT LOSE HOPE! Even study my course and become a English teacher? I am not good in English to be one of them and I don't even speak English as native language. What will be route on becoming successful? Will I give up on this dream and face the fact that I'll just die on my country? or will I stand up and get my ass to together and be with my dreams. One youtuber name Ciaela said "Don't be anything less than anything you can be, Follow your dreams". Will I ever step to my goal? Or just sit and take a peek at my destination.