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May 28, 2012 18:18
I've just started English Teaching Course which is called "TESOL".

I heard from some friends it's a little bit difficult because it's taken just for four weeks and teacher trainees have to get a lot of new vocabulary in short time.

Today I had the first class and heard details about TESOL, which is quite different form General English ,that I took for about 3 months before starting this course.

I was very impressed when I heard the most important thing in TESOL course from a trainer :

Teachers don't only 'teach'
Students don't only 'learn'

It makes you think more things, doesn't it?

Anyway, at first, I was little bit nervous about starting new course but after the first class, I've been totally changed my mind about this course.

I think I can enjoy this course even though It would be hard working.