Kimchi Is Not Salad But

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May 18, 2012 17:44
Nowadays, Korean Kimchi is increasingly getting popular in the world and I think this is very glad news.

Kimchi is known as healthful food which prevent lifestyle diseases, all sorts of cancers and aging as well as this, it helps adjust weight and smooth metabolism.

Then, do you know how to eat Kimchi well?

A few days ago, I heard interesting story from Radio Star, which is talk show. In this show, Bigmama who is famous female singer appeared and talked about her husband who comes from America.

Oneday, they went out to have a romantic dinner with korean food and before serving a main dish, Kimchi was served as one of the side dishes but her husband really didn't know how to eat Kimchi.

Surprisingly, he started to eat just Kimchi without rice or any other things and she was extremly surprised about that. Because Korean usually eat Kimchi with rice or other dishes so she thought he must have thought Kimchi is a kind of salads.

When I heard this story, I couldn't help laughing but this story made me think something.
We need to let foreigners know about Kimchi more.

Anyway, have you ever tried Kimchi?