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Apr 26, 2011 08:15
I read the blog a little while ago.
The english woman who came to Japan, wrote a Japanese thing that said,
Japanese seem like dislike me, and they do not talk to me.
I think that they want to speak to her and be friends.
However, a lot of Japanese can not speak English.
On the other hand, it is very difficult to speak to foreigners in Japan.
Because usually froeigners who live in japan as english teachers.
Japanese want to speak to them, they do not want to speak the outside of school.
they just feel that japanese who just want to practice english. Maybe, they are tired of speaking in english.
when i was in Loas, i met 2 foreigners and we became good friends, they knew some japanese
so i asked why do you know japanese, they said me that we used to live in fukuoka as english teachers.
I live in fukuoka that time i did think that why i could not meet them when they had been in my city.
yes, i could make friends but it is not in Japan.