I saw a Thai movie that was a Thai girl and a Japanese the romance story.

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Apr 6, 2014 11:10
Kobori captain was appointed to the Naval Shipyard in Thailand,
he met a Thai girl who was so attracted him.

but She had a lover who was cooperating with the British army so she thought that Japanese were the enemy.

however, she was allowed to assume a political marriage with Kobori by her father.
she was in the conflict and hatred, continue to take the attitude to heart kobori.

One day, her lover was arrested by the Japanese military.
she asked Kobori to help him
that Kobori was painful but he released him cause of loving of her.

Ironically, the enemy got the information from the man who was released and they attacked the Japanese military base .
there was Kobori.

she was so upset that there was Kobori in war and had been looking for him while she really moved the heart to sincere Kobori, she did not
say that love obediently.

Although she realized who loved him for the first time but Kobori was finishing his life under the rubble.