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Nov 9, 2015 17:33

The fight is getting intensity day by day.
My parents who have cared me for a long time.
I am still eighteen years to able to participate in the decisive battle of the sky that I am pleased deeply, I will die gracefully.

Today's sea of color is what stunning.
You will please never lamented.
When i aspired to join the naval aviation that you were kindly encouragement.
Today would on preparedness, It is also as my of soul, nothing but go into kamikaze as do dedicated myself to the sky, I sent the daily intensive training until today.
It is rewarded now, really the time has come to blossom in man as a Japanese male.

These 15 years, it is short compared to the life fifty years , but I felt really long. many memories have been remembered by my heart.
I chase rabbit in my hometown and fishing carp to the river that all my memories come back to me now.

Farewell to my parents like, I wanted to be more filial piety .
Much to apologize for the trouble in rampages's, i regret to become now.
please live your time getting along, i will scattered in the sky willing.

I have just normal long silence here, please kindly regards annoucement.
Please, thine carefully.

Have a nice day.

Kamikaze special attack corps.
18 years old.