To my friend.

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Nov 11, 2011 08:12
I was reading your Journal.

I wanted to study English that I often watched american moives and dramas by the TV.
and used to play baseball with the children of the embassy United States near my house.
I had the really good time with them. That time, I did think if i could speak English so
feel more fun.

I went to the junior hight school and began to study English that it was pleasant
and the tests were always perfect. But when I became the upper class, it was very difficlut.
That was why, I stopped studying english.

Therefore when I was an university student, my relative went to the United States for a bride at the time.
She really wanted me to come to U.S.A so English study was begun.
Why not? Are you obsessed with Japan?
The reason for learning a foreign language is that he or she loves that country.
Learning language study does not need to be hurried.
Let’s study language more happily.

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