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  • We should not lose this opportunity.
  • We should not did not want to lose this opportunity.
  • 'Should not' makes it sound as if it hasn't happened yet

Aug 1, 2014 17:58 Public Watching a Ballet in Mariin...
  • The instructor contacted to the air traffic control and got a permitting to cross the area.
  • The instructor contacted to the air traffic control and got a permitting permission to cross the area.
  • Or possibly: got a permit. However, that implies a piece of paper or at least something concrete with, perhaps, a number on it or some other identifier, whereas here, I think they just said, “You may”: they granted him permission.

Jul 30, 2014 02:17 Public The Stonehenge from the Sky
  • At the first day, he was absent from Berlin, then I looked around Berlin by myself.
  • The first day, he was away from Berlin; so, I toured Berlin by myself.
  • In cases where you have two complete ideas with a connection to each other we would normally use this rule: main clause + ; + conjunctive adverb + , + main clause This is hard even for those native to English to remember.

Jul 16, 2014 03:01 Public Three days in Berlin (1)
  • They spend their time in the first house in a city and stay at their дача which is usualy locate in suburban or country-side on weekend.
  • They spend their time in their first primary house in a the city.On the weekends,they stay at their дача , which is usualy usually located in suburban areas or the country-side. on weekend.
  • Describing the time of the event at the beginning of a sentence usually allows it to flow better. (On the weekends...) Don't forget to split sentences up. Try reading them out aloud. If you need to take a long breath in between , then the sentence is probably too long.

Jul 11, 2014 05:52 Public Without common language

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