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Jul 7, 2012 08:00 redshoes made 9 corrections for Sod's law
good luck.
Jul 7, 2012 02:03 Matthew made 4 corrections for Sod's law
Hang in there!
Jul 3, 2012 02:37 Appleicecandy commented on The London Olympic games is...
I can't wait! I love the Olympics!
Jun 29, 2012 05:31 Joyfie commented on Recruiting participants
すげい!僕はボランティアだ! I live in Brighton, only 40 minutes away. I could easily travel to London. Although, I work during the week. I'd b...
Jun 6, 2012 21:11 ichigo commented on Diamond Jubilee
What do you mean "European people does not tell Africa and Asia apart"?...are you serious?In what respect culture,ethnicity or ...
May 28, 2012 06:35 Mel made 5 corrections for White lines on blue
Good overall grammar, just some awkward wording.
May 11, 2012 01:31 ariso07 made 5 corrections for A Japanese aerobatics pilot
So, aerobatics is like stunt piloting? This is not a very common word in English. Do they do lots of tricks? I hope you enjoy flight school.
May 2, 2012 18:22 lx made 19 corrections for London marathon
It sounds like you and your friends had an awesome time.
May 2, 2012 00:37 Christopher made 19 corrections for London marathon
What a fun day! Your English is excellent.
May 2, 2012 00:05 burtstar made 16 corrections for London marathon
Sounds as if you were a great host to your friends.
May 1, 2012 23:26 vivian commented on London marathon
May 1, 2012 07:08 NBL made 12 corrections for World standard
Interesting and good luck with your studies.
Apr 29, 2012 08:24 burtstar made 9 corrections for Analog TV broadcasting was ...
We had the same situation in the US several years ago. Despite a campaign to inform TV viewers, many did not make the switch. The gover...
Apr 29, 2012 06:22 dpiccolo made 20 corrections for See a musical with my friends.
A very interesting entry, and I understood what you meant, so the mistakes were not too major. Keep writing, you;ll only get better!
Apr 29, 2012 05:57 Geldart made 21 corrections for See a musical with my friends.
Sounds like you had a great night out.
Apr 29, 2012 05:42 Geldart made 4 corrections for My friends from Japan
I hope you have a great time with your friends!
Apr 29, 2012 05:40 made 4 corrections for My friends from Japan
I hope they enjoy their visit too!
Apr 16, 2012 14:35 eggdude9 made 19 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 4
If you have any questions about my corrections please ask! That was a cool story!
Apr 16, 2012 11:14 burtstar made 16 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 2
Excellent article. You express yourself very well. Try to be consistent with tense. Here you are talking about the past. Also review the...
Apr 16, 2012 09:47 TNewfields made 21 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 3
I would love to see some of the photos of this trip. Your English is better than 95% of most Japanese. The over-use of "I" is o...
Apr 16, 2012 09:00 adreanaline made 26 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 5
Good writing!
Apr 16, 2012 07:05 Matthew made 2 corrections for Ristricted Zone
Good job!
Apr 9, 2012 11:10 Christian made 10 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 1
For how long were you in the Netherlands? What did you most enjoy during your time there? It sounds like it was overall a nice trip. Grea...
Apr 9, 2012 10:58 Adri made 10 corrections for Going to the Netherlands 1
:) I did my best! Good luck! :D
Apr 7, 2012 06:20 monkeys made 9 corrections for Going to the Netherlands
Great job!
Apr 3, 2012 04:32 道頓堀 made 2 corrections for Power of photos
Great English! Upload some of your videos next time!
Apr 2, 2012 07:44 Appleicecandy made 6 corrections for Easter will come soon.
I love Easter! I like to eat the marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies <3
Mar 25, 2012 10:50 Tessa (テッサ) made 30 corrections for Lunch in a garden
Good job :D
Mar 19, 2012 07:03 Novlomien made 23 corrections for National history musium London
Great job! :D
Mar 17, 2012 07:23 Lightning made 24 corrections for Sightseeing in Oxford
Oxford sounds like a nice place. :-)
Mar 11, 2012 01:50 made 15 corrections for Parcel trouble again
Wow! Sounds like you had a busy day... How annoying for you! :(
Mar 9, 2012 08:29 xana made 5 corrections for Right to work annual check
Mar 7, 2012 07:48 Mesh made 9 corrections for Fukushima 2
A very interesting story!! :D
Mar 7, 2012 07:09 Hayden (ヘイデン) commented on Fukushima
For some reason, my browser will not let me correct the entry... But, I hope your parents can stay safe! I'm sure they're gon...
Mar 6, 2012 20:16 pjkwong made 10 corrections for Fukushima
I hope that the radiation levels remain safe!
Mar 5, 2012 08:22 EN made 6 corrections for Sendai and Ishinomaki 2
Looks very enjoyable. :)
Mar 5, 2012 05:41 FantasticBaby made 25 corrections for Sendai and Ishinomaki 1
A very insightful entry.
Mar 4, 2012 06:45 BooBooBear made 8 corrections for Visiting Kinkakuji temple ...
That sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for sharing ! Hopefully I will visit Kinkakuji temple when I visit Kyoto.
Mar 3, 2012 21:36 tangianple made 25 corrections for Flying in Japan.
Did the best I could, please inform me if I made any mistakes or misunderstood anything.
Mar 2, 2012 18:00 Dwayne made 1 corrections for Our planet looks like an ovum
Well done - excellent english!
Mar 2, 2012 03:29 BooBooBear made 6 corrections for Hub
Some of my changes are stylistic, but to me it sounds more natural. I am an American, so my English might be an American English style pr...
Mar 1, 2012 23:33 Mine Fielder made 4 corrections for The circuit breaker has bee...
Usually fuse boxes are located outside of a house. In a set of flats, I'd imagine it to be in an access way such as a hall/entrance o...
Feb 29, 2012 17:24 foshizzle_sushi made 7 corrections for Blue ray disk
I'm glad you're able to watch them in the end. I wonder what kind of TV shows you had on those discs.
Feb 29, 2012 16:10 aggieanteater made 9 corrections for Temporally returning to Jap...
really good. very small issues, if any at all.
Feb 7, 2012 09:00 Joyfie commented on Negligence (過失)
Everyone has corrected this very well.. I just wanted to say, your probably boss just had some anger issues and was upset that things got...
Feb 7, 2012 08:02 burodabi made 4 corrections for Negligence (過失)
Sorry to hear about that :(
Feb 7, 2012 07:50 fatum made 4 corrections for Negligence (過失)
Great job! Let me know if something doesn't make sense.
Feb 7, 2012 07:49 Neel made 7 corrections for Negligence (過失)
Good, keep working on using passive verbs.
Feb 7, 2012 07:45 Kembi made 3 corrections for Negligence (過失)
This is not okay even in the UK. In my opinion the only way you or anyone else were to blame is if the responsibility of checking the ala...
Feb 6, 2012 07:40 James made 5 corrections for White world
すごい! まだここですべての冬が雪じゃありません.