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Jul 5, 2011 03:53
My friends visited London. Today, they took a coach tour to Cotswolds; it is a famous tourist spot and is located west of London. They rang me at the evening and said that they lost their position and were separated from the tour at Oxford. They found the other coach and took on it to come back London. But they don’t know how to come back their hotel, they said. I asked them where they will arrive and they answered that they will arrive at Victoria; it is one of the big stations in the London. I advised them how to come back by tube. After one hour, they rang me again and said that the tube I said was not running. Tubes sometimes stop running on weekend for engineering works in London. So I advised them to the other tube line. But they could not understand; they were so confused. I was working at my office in the central London; not so far from Victoria. So I said them to stay there and I would pick them up. But Victoria station is large station. I asked them where they were. They said that they were in front of “Victoria house”. Although I did not it, I had to go to salvage them. After 30 minutes, I arrived there and sought them. When I looked around it they found me and call me out. Fortunately, we could meet. I took them their hotel by tube. After that, the tube stopped because of the train failure when I came back to my flat. I had to get off it and wait another tube on the platform. It was troublesome day, today.