Abstract of three days trip to Lake District‏

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May 31, 2011 20:11
I had been in Keswick, Lake District during the three days weekend. Although the Lake District is famous for Japanese, it is too far to go. Now, I'm living in London, it is a chance to visit there. The most impressive thing I felt to visit there was that it was quite similar to Japan. I found many Japanese like sights there. They reminded me of the sights in Matsushima(Miyagi), Goshikinuma(Fukushima), Nikkou(Tochigi), Togakoshi(Nagano), Satsuma ioujima, Yakushima, and Suwanosejima(Kagoshima). I thought that the British, who love Lake District, must love Japanese beautiful sights. There are mountains, streams, mossy trees and stones, and moist air. I found "Wabi" and "Sabi", which are the concepts consists base of Japanese beauties, in them. Although I heard that these senses were unique for us Japanese, the British would have same sense. I got many experiences and enjoyed beautiful sights and foods. But the most important thing I got was that I found that we might have similar senses.