Go to the lake district

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May 28, 2011 04:54
A week ago, I saw a calendar and found that next weekend is a three days weekend. There are fewer national holidays in the UK than in Japan. This is my first three days weekend except for Easter holidays. I thought that I should use it effectively. Let's go to the place where I should go within two years stay in the UK and is too far from London to go by one day trip. The lake district might be ideal destination. Although it is famous for Japanese, it is too far to go. So it must be a good chance. I asked my co-worker who is a British. "I want to go lake district on this three days weekend. But I don't know it well. Where do you recommend to go and what to do there ?" "Oh, it seems nice. You should go Keswick which is located north part of lake district. You can enjoy beautiful lakes and mountains. I had been there many times since I was a child." "Keswick? Not Windermere or Grasmere?" "No, no. You should go Keswick." Usually, he is a constraint gentleman. So his attitude was so impressive. I decided to go Keswick. I booked trains, buses, and B&B on the internet. It will takes more than 5 hours for one way. How far it is! Today, another co-worker asked me. "What is your plan on this weekend?" I answered that "I'll go to lake district." His eyes lit up when he heard so. "Lake district?! So nice!" It seems that the British love there so much. He continued "What is your plan there?" "I'll visit in Keswick. But I don't know there well. What do you recommend ? Do you have nice plan?" "Of course. Please come." He took me in front of his PC and show some maps in it. "You will embark a boat on the lake and get off here. You can walk here to here and you will see beautiful sights!" He looked so excited. Keswick must be a good place, I confirmed. Tomorrow early morning, I'll leave from London by train and go there. I'm looking forward to visit there.