Recruiting healthy adult volunteers

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May 25, 2011 17:39
I'm a biological researcher in the UK. I'm studying neural systems in human.
Recently, I have finished my first pilot test and decided to proceed into real test. I need many healthy adult volunteers as participants. I'm recruiting them. Our laboratory has our own data base of participants. I'm contacting them on by one by email. It is not easy work for me especially in the UK. I have to contact them in English. I did not know the standard expression in email. I consulted my co-worker who is a British. Although he gave me many helps, he could not always help me; he was so busy, too. I have to manage most of these works by myself. Although it is very hard, it is chances to improve my English. Sometimes I got replays which showed some expressions, which was difficult to understand for me, from the candidates of participants. I read them again and again to understand. Sometime, I needed co-workers help to understand. I'm struggling against communications in English.
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