Fourth flight training in the UK

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May 24, 2011 23:37
I'm a private pilot in Japan and the United State. But I don't have a certification in the UK. I'm a student pilot and training to fly in the UK.
I always rent a smallest two seater airplane for my training, because it is cheapest to rent. But every small ones were used last Sunday. So I rent a four seater airplane; it was little bit expensive. I thought that it was waste to fly without someone in rear seats. I invited my co-worker to fly with us (flight instructor and me). This was a first time to fly by small airplane for him. We knew that some people felt bad to fly by small airplane; a small airplane was shacked by wind and it sometimes caused motion sickness. I discussed with my flight instructor about our flight plan; we should not be far away from the home aerodrome in case of his motion sickness. We changed our flight plan from cross country flight to Cambridge to local flight around the London city. We took off from a home aerodrome, leveled off at 2,000 feet, and headed south. At first, I trained to use Distance-Measuring Equipment (DME), which was a kind of navigation helping method for airplane and was based on the radio wave. I have never used it in Japan and USA. But the instructor said that it was quite popular in the UK. I set the DME equipment in the airplane to receive the radio wave from the DME radio station nearest us. It was easy to use and the information was quite useful. I flew south by tracking the DME radio wave. I flew over the potters bar and turn left (East) to avoid the controlled airspace for the Heathrow International Airport. It is quite important technique to find our position for our safety. The instructor told me how to know our position to avoid the controlled air space. We could see the beautiful sight of central London through the windows. My friend enjoyed taking photo! He seemed be ok; did not feel motion sickness. We thought that we could continue our flight to the east. I flew east along the road named M25. We flew over the Waltham Abbey. We saw some lake and canals; which will be used for site of rowing match in The London Olympic 2012. It was interesting view. There was a nimbus in front of us; there was a rainbow under the cloud. It might be beautiful, especially for him. But I could not enjoy the beauty, I was thinking about how to avoid the cloud. There was a controlled airspace for Stansted Airport in the left, there were ones for London City airport and Heathrow International Airport in the right, and there was a nimbus in front of us. How could we proceed? I thought that there was a corridor between the right controlled airspace and the cloud. I flew through the corridor and proceed to south east. I arrived at the Brentwood and pulled back along M25. It is not so easy to find landmarks from the sky and it was little bit different how to find them between Japan, the USA, and the UK. I spent most of the time to train the technique during the return trip; it is a important technique to avoid the dangerous situations. After an hour flight, we landed home aerodrome safely. It was good flight; I learned many things and my friend enjoyed himself.