Buying a iPhone

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May 24, 2011 21:22
As I mentioned, I lost my iPhone last week.
I had lived in London a week without it. But it was quite inconvenient.
I could not use English-Japanese dictionary application, I could not get the tube situations, email, GPS information, and the weather information without it. I could not help buying new one. So I went electronics retail store to buy it. I asked a member of staff in the shop.
"Excuse me, do you have I phone?"
"Yes, do you want a contract one?"
I did not understand the word "contract" in that situation.
"What’s contract?" I felt disturbed.
He understood I did not understand what he said. So he added.
"Do you want a "contract" or "pay as you go"?"
"Aha, yes. I want a contract one."
"Ok. Please sit down here. Do you have a debit card which was provided from the bank in the UK?"
He explained that I could choose the carrier for it and they had various contract plans.
I checked their web sites before visited the shop. So I could say my idea about the contract.
"I’ll leave from the UK after a year and a half. And I think that initial cost is not so important. I want to use the plan which monthly cost is cheaper, because it means that the total cost is cheap when I leave from the UK. "
"Yes , you can use 18 months plan with low monthely cost."
We discussed about details about the contract. It was a little bit difficult to understand for me. But his English is relatively easy to hear. I managed to understand the contract. After a half hour, I got a new one. My life was improved. And that half hour was quite good English conversation class for me.