Losing property

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May 21, 2011 22:46
A terrible accident happened; I lost my iPhone. I used it on the ferry in the River Thames at last. I found that I lost it just got off it. So I lost in on the ferry, I though. I found a member of staff on the ferry station and ask her what I could do. She gave me a sheet which show the email adders of the head office and said that I should send a mail to confirm someone found it on the ferry.
I went back my flat soon and called the telephone company in Japan to stop the function of the SIM card. Just in case, I changed some passwords related to the iPhone. And I sent a email to the ferry company. Next day, they replied to me and regretted that they could not find it. I consult my co-worker who was a British to know how I could do for it more. He said that I should go to the police office to inform this accident. He took me there kindly next morning. I said the police officer that I lost it. He asked me the details of the situation and requested me showing my ID card. I showed my passport and a bill of electricity for my flat. It took about half hour.
Although I thought it could not help losing it, I hope no one use it to do illegal things.