TV Licence

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May 20, 2011 17:09
I found an envelope at the entrance of my flat when I came back last light. "What’s this?" I wondered and open it. It seemed official one. The title of the letter was "The law: what your business need to know". I thought that it must be an important letter. I tried to read it. The letter said that I have to pay the cost to watch the television. A television set was already installed in my flat when I moved in. The letter said that the people living in the UK must pay it and it was regulated by the law. I had heard that there is a fee to watch a television in the UK; it is same as in Japan. This may mention about it. How much? 145.50 pounds! It is expensive! But I knew I had to pay it. How expensive to live in London.... It is impossible to cover by the income of my job in the UK. I have to use deposit which was saved in Japan. But how can I pay it? I read the letter; it said that I could pay on internet. Most official paper works and payment can be done on internet in the UK! It is convenient. I paid it by using credit card of Japanese bank soon. I moved to the UK four month ago and I thought that I had finished most of paper works. But there may be still something left.