Canterbury Cathedral

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May 19, 2011 06:18
After visiting Leeds castle, we went to Canterbury to see the Cathedral. I felt that it was not so big when I saw it from the outside. But just after entering it, I was surprised by its magnitude and grandeur. The ceiling is quite high and it made distinctive atmosphere. I wondered how depict its expansiveness. Fortunately, I had a fish eye lens. So I changed the lens of my camera. When I left my flat, I hesitate whether I should bring fish eye lens or not; it is not so light. I thought that it was right to carry it. It was needed to take photos of it. I took photos absorbedly. Its stained glass was shined by the sunshine. It was so beautiful. There were under ground floor; taking photo was prohibited there. It created a different atmosphere. It was sustained by distinctive posts-and-beams. It reminded me the Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain and the Crypt, London, UK. I found a lamp hung from the high ceiling by quite long wire at the inner room. It emphasized the grandeur of the Cathedral. And it remained me the lamp in the Cathedral in Pisa, Italia; it brought principle of pendulum to Galileo. There were lot of viewing points in the Cathedral. Although I had a hour to see it, the time just flies by. I wanted to visit more.