Council tax

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May 13, 2011 16:50
I received an envelope at the entrance of my flat when I back home yesterday night.
I opened it and found a bill for my council tax. I moved to London about four months ago, it was my first time to receive it. When I rent my flat, I heard that the rough amount of the council tax from the staff of the estate agent. He said that it is almost 100 pound per month. I thought that it was expensive. I could not help paying it, I thought.
But I found that it was more expensive than I expected. It is almost 150 pounds per month! Although the bill showed the total amount of the tax for a year, I could not pay it in a lump sum because it was more than the amount of my bank account! How expensive it is! I have to pay it in installments. But how could I pay it? I read the letter from the tax office. It said that I could pay it on line. It was quite useful, because I could not attend the office on weekday because I have my job. I accessed the website and pay it just now. Of course I pained only the part of the amount which I have to pay soon and I can pay now.
How expensive to live in London!