Cultural shock

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May 12, 2011 03:06
I got a cultural shock about how to deal with the data measured in my experiments.
I came to the UK as a scientist. I had already worked in this research field for 5 years in Japan.
Japan is one of the leading countries in this research field and I visited highly sophisticated laboratory in Japan to train my technique for a few months. I thought that my technique and attitude to deal with these data were not so bad. But I had encountered completely different dealing and thinking style in this laboratory in the UK. I asked my facilitator in this laboratory how he thinks this contradiction. He explained why their style was more reasonable than my thinking style acquired in Japan. His explanation was based on the mathematics and it was rational. I was surprised. Absolutely, his idea was convincing. I got a cultural shock deeply.
But, it is important that our Japanese style has advantage in some point, too. Although their style is elegant, it cannot deny our Japanese style. Both styles have pros and cons. I think the worst style is believing and/or knowing only one style.
I had never known their thinking style in Japan. I’m happy to have a chance to know their style.
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