The oldest pub in England

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Jul 17, 2014 07:26
The oldest pub in England

I went to Nottingham for three days to attend an academic conference. This was my first visit there. Although I planned to go many places in the city for sightseeing, I did not have time to leave the conference because it was too fruitful to skip. What I could do was walking around the venue to enjoy atmosphere at early morning before it started. There was a hill near the venue and I got a nice view from that. It was good, but I was not satisfied because there was a place I must go. I heard that there is the oldest pub in England near the Nottingham station. It opened 800 years ago! By chance, I visited Vienna a month before and I had dinner in an old restaurant which opened 400 years ago. It was amazing experience. However the pub opened 800 years ago! It is twice as old as the restaurant. The atmosphere must be interesting. Fortunately, I had booked a late train to head back to London. I could arranged my schedule to visit the pub before leaving Nottingham. I got only for 30 minutes to stay there, but it was enough to enjoy the atmosphere. The pub was located just beside of a cliff under a castle. Although it looked ordinary pub at a glance, it was not: the pub was half embedded in the cliff. Actually some of their rooms were a kind of cave. The atmosphere was quite unique. I ordered some light meal with a cup of coffee. I enjoyed them in a cave. I felt as if I were in a few hundred years ago! Although it was very short time, it was really nice. I want to come again.