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May 7, 2011 03:41
I moved to the UK to work as a researcher four months ago.
I attended the two days training course for the computer software in my laboratory.
Although an ability to use that software is very important to work in this laboratory, it is not so easy to use it. We have to know not only how to use it but also the mathematical and biological background of it. Our laboratory has many specialists for that software. So the training courses are held twice a year for new staffs. So I attended it today and yesterday. It was very hard for me. Of course, the theories and backgrounds of the software are not so easy to understand. But I was an engineer and a medical doctor in Japan. I could manage to understand them. But most difficult thing was that all explanations in the lectures were in English! That's natural; I’m in the UK now. Difficult contents were explained in difficult language..... As if the explanations were cradlesongs for me.
But I found that these lectures were easier to understand than chitchat. I understood 70 percents of the contents in the training course. But I could not understand the contents in chitchat during the lunch time; less than 10 percents. I could conjecture the contents in the lectures by using the advance knowledge and slides used in the lectures. But it is difficult to presume the course of story in chitchats. The topics changes suddenly and many words, I don’t know, are used in chitchats. I was reminded of the difficulty to acquire the English communication skill not only by the lectures but also by the chitchat.