The change is bigger than I expected.

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Jun 29, 2014 18:32
The change is bigger than I expected.

Three years and a half has passed since I left Japan for London. Although it was a change which I wanted to make, the change was bigger than I expected.
I have wanted to improve my English skill, acquire international common sense, ad improve my job skill to an international level. I believe the decision was right to leave Japan for those purposes. I’ve been learning a lot of things. However the change is bigger than I expected.
My salary was decreased to one third compared to one I got in Japan. I was not rich in Japan, but I did not have to worry about money so much to live alone. However, now, I’m always thinking how to reduce my expense in daily life. Even spending one pound is a serious problem now. I imagine that my ex-colleagues could not live in this situation, it is too miserable for them to keep living.
I have to cook myself to save money, although I’m poor at it. We can buy prepared foods in Japan easily and they are not expensive, we don't have to cook ourselves if we don't want. However, it is less common to buy them and they are expensive. I had to improve my cooking skill.
I was not interested in arts before coming here. However I visited many museums went to classic concert, watched musicals, operas, and ballets hear and in other European counties. It was out of my interest, but now I like them.
I noticed that the culture in the UK is different from one in the US. We Japanese tend to think that we can understand the world if we understand the US. However I can say that it is completely wrong. There is a big cultural difference even between the UK and the US. It is obvious that there are much more difference between other countries. The world is wider than I thought.
The change is so big, as if I lived in another life. It is not easy and it comes with a price, I’m happy to have this opportunity to live outside of Japan.