Friends from Japan.

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Jun 30, 2014 23:38
Friends from Japan.

My two Japanese friends came to London for a week. They stayed in my flat and enjoyed London life as if they had been living. They often went to a grossly store to buy daily necessaries and walk around a park near my flat. Of course they went to tourist spots in London; British museum, national gallery, Westminster, Tower bridge and so on.
I think the most impressive event for them for the week must spectating the London Marathon. They like watching Marathon on TV and one of them like running. They did not know the exact date of the event this year. We checked the date on the website after their arriving, and found it would be held on the Sunday when they were in London! What a freakish coincidence! Although they have only one Sunday during their stay, it was held on that day. We went to the course side of the marathon near Westminster at the early morning and got a good place to spectate. It was on the corner of the course and the command of the view was perfect: we can see runners from the front of them.
They love theatrical performances. London may be one of the capital of performances all over the world. So we went to a theatre to watch a musical. We watched "Billy Elliot the musical" at Victoria palace Theatre. Actually I was not interested in musical at all and it was my first experience to see it. It had changed me completely. It was so amazing and I was moved strongly. Especially, their staging was fantastic!
Although their stay was short, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. I know it is not easy to come to London: they had to take holidays of their jobs and the air tickets were not cheap. I cannot say thank you for the enough. I'm happy to have great friends.
If they had come to London, I would have not spectate London Marathon and would not have noticed fascination of musicals. They extended the world inside of me. Thank you!