Sleeper Train to Moscow

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Jul 18, 2014 20:54
Sleeper Train to Moscow

I used Кра́сная стрела́ (Red Arrow), which is a sleeper train, to go to Moscow from Petersburg with my friend. It departed Petersburg at night and arrive at Moscow at the next morning. We were bit worried about our safety because it means that we have to walk outside midnight from a hotel to the station. I asked my acquaintance who live in Petersburg about the safety at night. Should we use taxi instead of subway? He said it must be fine because the hotel and the station were located in safe areas and the subway which connecting each other was a safe line. We timidly took a subway to the station. We stood with caution beside of a wall inside the station to wait for the train arriving at the platform. Although we might be too nervous, we should be so because it was midnight and it was not Japan. We were excited and felt ease when the train was coming. Although we wanted to take photos of the train, we did not because the travel company which arranged our trip recommended not to do. They said some travellers had got arrested because they took photos of the train. I was not sure if it was true, it was better not to do. We boarded the train and got in the compartment which we booked. It was beautiful and cosy room! There were two long seat which can be used as a bed. The ticket of the train included the breakfast. Although a conductor of the carriage came to us and explained about it, actually, I could not understand her explanation and instruction sheet about it. Could we have break first in the compartment or should we move somewhere for breakfast? I thought we should go along with the situation. We enjoyed the cozy room for a while and slept. I could sleep well. Early next morning, the conductor brought our breakfast to our compartment. I felt ease. After enjoying the meal, the train arrived at Moscow. When we got off the train, other travellers taking their photos in front of the train. It must be a good chance to take photos of the train. I asked them to take our photos in front of the train. And got it! We were lucky.
It was amazing experience. I want to use it again.
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