Lilienthalpark in Berlin

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Jul 14, 2014 05:21
Lilienthalpark in Berlin

I read a biography of Wright brothers when I was a child and was surprised because they did not invent airplane in it. Although they invented a powered plane, an airplane had been already invented by someone at that time. I was deeply shocked about two things: there was someone who really invented it and he/she was not famous. Actually no one knows who did, even now. It is difficult to say who the first person to invent it. However, Otto Lilienthal is one of the important candidates of that. There are some photos which show flight tests which was made by him. I think he should be more valued.
By chance, I found the place the photos were taken. In other words, I identified one of the places where he made some of his flight tests. It was located in the South of berlin. I thought I should go there. I asked my ex-colleague who were working in Berlin and was fluent in Germany. He looked for information about the place for me. He said it is a memorial park for him and I could get there by train and local bus.
After visiting Dusseldorf, I went to Berlin by train to visit the memorial park. It was not far from the centre of Berlin. It was a small but beautiful park. It was an early morning, only a few people were taking walks with their dogs. I walked around a park and found a hill where he took off by his glider. Oh it is the place I saw in pictures! There was a monument to show respect for him. I found it and was satisfied. There were some memorial plates which described some important persons who contributed to invent airplanes including his brother.
I was happy to visit there to show my respect to him and other contributors.