Waiting a flight for 4 months

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Jun 9, 2014 07:35
Waiting a flight for 4 months

I'm a private pilot.
There are three undergraduate students in our laboratory and they were interested in flying with me.
I arranged the flight for them 4 months ago, but bad weather prevented us from the flight.
Although I re-arranged many time, bad weather always screwed up our plans for 4 months.
Finally, we had a fine day. This was the best day to fly.
However, one of the three student had already left our lab and another student is currently on leave for his holidays.
Only one student could come to fly today; he was so lucky.
I rent a small airplane for us and took off from the small aerodrome located in the north of London.
We flew around about a half hour over the beautiful green fields under the blue sky.
He looked so happy and his smile made me happy too.

I want to arrange another flight for the other student who is on leave.