Newcastle and Easington

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Jul 24, 2014 18:16
Newcastle and Easington

(This is a story form about 2 years ago)
I watched a musical with my friend which title was "Billy Elliot". It a story of a boy who was interested in Ballet. At that period, it was a kind of taboo to be interested in ballet for men. He struggled with his situation to become a Ballet dancer in the story. It was my first experience to see a musical and I was moved. In addition, I was interested in the social situation of those days. The story was set in Ellington and Easington, which were towns of coal mines in the North England. Although I wasted to visit there, they were far from London.
By chance, I was planning to visit in Newcastle to see a football of Olympic Games. I notice that Easington and Newcastle were close each other. I arrange my trip to visit Easington after watching the football game.
The football game was held at night. I left London in an early morning. It took almost three hours to get Newcastle. It was my first visit there. I looked around the city area. I was small but beautiful city. There were a lot of stall along a riverside. I enjoyed eating unique foods at a stall. After the sightseeing, I went to stadium to watch the football game: Japan vs Morocco. It was an exciting game and finally we won. I was so happy.
I stayed in a hotel in Newcastle at that night and left there next early morning. I went to Durham by train and changed to a local bus to Easington. It was a fine day. The bus ran around a beach for a while. It was so beautiful. After an hours ride, I arrived at the small town named Easington. I looked around the town and noticed that it was a non-descriptive town. It looked like a typical country town in England: wide grass farms spread all around. I was happy to confirm one aspect of the background of the story. I headed back to Durham by the next bus. Durham was a beautiful town. I looked around it and found a pub, which opened about 500 hours ago. I had lunch there. Its atmosphere were really nice.
Then I left for London. It took another three hours. Although it was a bit far, I spent some quality time for the two days in North England.