Moving flats

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Jun 13, 2014 22:53
Moving flats

The living cost in London is unbelievable, especially for a house rent: It might be more expensive than Tokyo, Japan. And the rent is still rising.
In addition, Japanese yen (JPY) is getting weaker against British Pounds (GBP) after a change of administration in Japan early 2013 and it makes worse of our situation whose living outside of Japan.
I gave up having lunch at our refectory to reduce my expense and started preparing hand made lunch box every morning, and it achieved a certain result, but it did not covered the damages caused by the currency change.
At the moment, my landlord asked me to rise the rent. I realized that it was the time to move.
Although it is not easy to find a flat due to a shortage of flats in London, fortunately I found a good studio in the next town. It was small and did not have any roof skylights which my ex-flats has and I loved. But it was located in a quiet and safe area, and it had enough space for one person. And the rent was 20 % cheaper than previous one! I decided to move.
My friends who had cars helped me to carry my staffs, they saved me. But still I have to bring a lot of staffs by myself. I shuttled 10 times by local bus.
Finally, I settled down in a small but a cozy studio. I hope that It would reduce my expense.