Social class and football.

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Jun 18, 2014 07:45
Social class and football.

Although we Japanese has social class, no one mentions it because it is a kind of taboo in Japan. Japanese tend not to talk about it because it is against the concept of "an equitable society". I thought it should be same in western countries because the concept was originally born there and we Japanese imported it. I moved to London and I was surprised because people in the UK speak about social class in daily life. Even more, TV news problems mention it without hesitation. They seems accepting the social class as an accomplished fact.
In an English class last week, a student, who is Korean, asked our teacher about the relationship between gentleman and hooligan. We foreigner (non-British) believe that British people are gentle person, but hooligan is also famous as an aspect of British. There is a mismatch between them. Then she asked it. The teacher, she is British, said that it is related to a social class difference. Upper class tend not to express their emotion directly and working class does not hesitate to express them. Football is basically a kind of sports for working class. Football is popular especially in North England around Manchester, because it is an industrial area and many working class live there. Then football supporters tend to express their emotion with radical behaviors, it is called "hooligan". Upper class prefer rugby and cricket, not football. Supporters for rugby and cricket do not commit violence. She also said that this difference are getting unclear recently, football supporters is getting better. I was surprised by two things: there is such clear social class in the UK and she explained it with little hesitation. It might be a kind of cultural difference between the UK and Japan.