Visiting Mayfield lavender

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Jul 27, 2014 05:33
Visiting Mayfield lavender

A few weeks ago, my friend told me there was a beautiful lavender field in London, which was called Mayfield lavender. I visited some home pages to mention it: it looked nice. I was interested in it and googled it. It was located Southern London and it took about an hour to get there by train and on foot from London Victoria station. Although it was bit far, it seemed not difficult to go.
It was a fine Saturday today. I thought it must be good for visiting there. I got on a train to Banstead station and walked to there. However, there was no lavender field; there was only a small shop which sold items made of lavenders. I was confused. I found a Japanese couple who were looking for the field like me. I asked them "Are you looking for the lavender field?" They said "Yes, but we cannot see it". I asked a member of the staff in the shop. He said there was only a shop there and the field was located 3 miles north of there. Oh no! I did not want to walk anymore! Fortunately, the couple came by their own car and they offered me to take me there. I was lucky.
Finally, I got to the lavender field. It was so beautiful and their strong smells surrounded me. A lot of bees were flying and working around lavenders. Crowds of bees were looked like smoke and they flew around me. I felt myself in the full of the small lives. It was quite unique atmosphere.
Actually I went there to see lavenders, but it was more than that.
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