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Jul 24, 2014 21:29

When I planned to go to Holland for sightseeing as my first visit, it was three years ago, I asked some of my friends who knows there well. Some of them recommended me to visit Delft, which is a famous town for the paining which is titled "View of Delft" painted by Johannes Vermeer. Although I was interested in the town, I could not arranged my trip to visit there at that time.
This was my third visit to Holland. I rent a car with my friend to look around the country, so I could go anywhere I want to go by car. Then I finally went there. Actually, it was a beautiful and cosy town. We parked a car beside of a cannel and walked around the town. There was a cathedral in the centre of the town and my guidebook recommended us to climb the tower of the cathedral to see the view of the town. I had climbed many towers of the cathedrals in European countries, but it might be one of the hardest tower to climb which I knew. The radius of the tower was small and steers were steep and narrow. In addition, it was not on-way traffic. After a hard excises, we finally got the top of the tower. What a nice view it was! It was a fine day. We saw amazing view from there. I strongly recommend you to climb the tower if you come to Delft. You must leave all stuffs which you don't use in the tower before climbing; the steers were really narrow!
After descending from the tower, we went to a marked which was held beside of the tower. I love visiting markets because I can see many cultures in them. There was a stall which sold soused herring, which was a popular food in Holland. They eat it in a unique style: they looked up sky and threw it into their mouths from the head of the herring. It looked nice.
Although we wanted stay there longer because it was nice, we must leave for the next city we visit. It was so beautiful town, I want to come again.