Christmas markets in Vienna

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Jun 15, 2014 20:27
Christmas markets in Vienna

I like visiting Christmas markets. Many European cities held their own Christmas markets and they are slightly different each other. I like feeling the difference and enjoy their unique foods. I’ve visited them in the UK (London), Belgium(Antweroen and Brussels), Germany (Düsseldorf, Berlin, Nürnberg, Munich). They have their originality. I heard that Christmas markets in Vienna is also beautiful and I was interested in. I had a plan to go to Japan from the UK at the end of December, I arranged the flight from London to Tokyo via Vienna and stayed there two nights.
Although I had only 48 hours to stay there, I visited 7 Christmas markets, three palaces, and a church, went to a classic concert, enjoyed bathing in a hot spring, ate Schnitzerl and Sachertorte, and drink a few cups of Einspänner.
The main purpose of the visit was visiting Christmas markets. They have a lot of small Christmas markets thorough the whole town. Although all markets were interesting, the market held in front of the Wiener Rathaus was the most beautiful one to me.
It was my first visit in Vienna, I had to see the famous places. I visited three palaces. They were huge! Especially, Schloss Schönbrunn had a really huge garden, which reminded me the Hyde park in London. Also they are beautiful.
Vienna is famous as a city where Mozart lived. By chance, I got a ticket for Mozart classic concert in Mozart house. It was a tiny concert hall; we should say concert room, not hall. But its walls were covered beautiful paintings, like a museum. I spent a dreamy time in it.
Vienna is also famous for its hot springs. I visited Baden bei Wien, which is located south west of Vienna. We can get there by train. Surprisingly, their quality of the hot water was very good. I think, most Japanese love their water.
Schnitzerl is a kind of local dishes. It was similar to Japaneses Tonkatu, but its smell was different. I ate it at a old famous restaurant, which name is Griechenbeisl and it started more than 550 years ago!! Their has fantastic rooms and I enjoyed their Schnitzerl in it.
I have sweet tooth. Of course I love eating cakes. Then I had to visit Hotel Sacher to eat Sachertorte. It was sweeter than I expected, although it was nice. I'm happy to have a chance to learn the real taste of Sachertorte.
Also I love drinking coffee. They have unique coffee named Einspänner, which has big cream on top. I love it!
It was very busy visit, but I enjoyed much! I want to go again and look around slowly.