Coach to Paris

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Jul 16, 2014 18:31
Coach to Paris

(This is a story from about a year ago.)
There are thee famous international air show in Europe: Farnborough (London), Paris and Berlin. Each of them are held in every two years. It was the year when the Paris air show was held. It must be only one chance for me to visit that in my life because I'm currently living in London.
Although I decided to go there about a year ago, busy daily life made me forgot it. I notice that the show was coming just a week later. The prices of transports depend on when we buy tickets. If we buy tickets for trains or air, the price are surprisingly cheap, but they are expensive if we buy just before using them. Usually the prices of them are not dramatically changed in Japan, it is not easy to get used to the European style. Eurostar return tickets with one night hotel in Paris might be less than 100 pounds if we buy them two or three months before, but it costs might be 300 pounds if we buy a few days before I visited a website and it said the price was about 250 pounds only for Eurostar. I had to pay more for a hotel. Too expensive for me. It was already too late to buy Eurostar tickets….. How should I do? I should not give up to go because it must be my last chance to see it in my life. However it could not afford to me.
I came up with an idea: I could get there by coach. There are many companies which operate night coaches connecting between London and Paris. However, my friends who used a coach from Paris to London said that they could not have slept at all because it was too noisy. It sounded bad. I visited many websites to find a comfortable coach. I found one which sold quite trip, although it was bit expensive than the others. However, it was still less than 100 pounds and I did not have to stay in a hotel. Although it was not really cheap, it might be fine. I booked it on the website.
The coach departed from the Victoria coach station at night and it arrived at Paris at an early morning next day. However, I had two questions about the coach trip. At first, there is Straits of Dover between the UK and France. Of course there is a tunnel to connect between the UK and France, it is only for trains, not for cars and coaches. How did the coach cross the Dover? The answer was that there was a container train which runs through the tunnel. The train is huge and coaches board on the train with passengers. The second question was about a passport control. When is it done? The answer is as follows. We had to get off the coach just before the coach got on the train and we had to be checked same as in an airport. After passing the passport control, we got on the coach again and the coach got on a container train. We had to wake up when the passport control, I could sleep well. The trip was not really cosy, but it was ok. I enjoyed the airshow in Paris and came back by the same coach at that night. It was physically tough trip, it was an interesting experience for me. However I want go there by Eurostar next time, not by coach.