Limitation of Science/Medicine

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Jun 11, 2014 18:01
Limitation of Science/Medicine

An intern student is visiting our laboratory for a few weeks. Recently, he looked depressed because he had noticed that science is not well developed to answer our questions. The deeper we learn, the more we notice the fact that we did not understand this world. He was disappointing the possibility of science.
He is a medical school student and I'm a researcher and a medical doctor. We are studying human neural systems and developing medical equipments.
A few days ago, he had strong abdominal pain and stayed in hospital for two nights. His doctor suspected he had appendicitis. Fortunately, his pain was gradually disappeared and had been discharged without surgery.
He was angry because his doctor did not find any signs of infections in blood exams. He thought his doctor said or did something wrong. But I did not agree with him. I explained that such kind of things can sometimes happen. A medical exam is a medical exam; not more than, and not less than that. The most important thing to make diagnose is a medical interview in other words symptoms and medical history, not medical exams. They are secondary important. He worried about if his appendix punctures. I said it would not happen at least soon because his pain was getting weak, his body temperature was normal, and he could walk as usual. All signs indicated it was OK.
Although he understood my explanations, he was not satisfied by it.
I think he is too innocent to accept the fact that science and medicine are imperfect, they are far from perfect.
I think and believe, science/medicine are of course imperfect but still worthy.
I hope he would understand what I said after becoming a medical doctor.