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Oct 5, 2014 03:11
Shin's Kitchen

I have an Indian friend who runs his own Indian restaurant in Osaka, Japan.
When I met him first time, it was about 6-7 years ago; he worked in another Indian restaurant as a chef. By chance, I popped in the restaurant and found his Indian dishes tasted nice. Furthermore, his friendly character attracted customers including me. I visited the restaurant ever few weeks and getting familiar with him. We talked our personal things after eating his foods. I knew he had many difficulties to work in Japan and he was struggling with them.
One or two years later I first met, he left the restaurant and opened his own one: it was one of his dream. He did it. His delicious food and character attracted customers again and he had to move his restaurant to bigger place. His second shop went well: it was always busy. Four years ago, I left Japan to work in London. On the way to Kansai international airport to leave Japan, I popped in his shop to say hello. He gave me a special take out box, which was full of Indian foods. I ate it at the airport for my last dishes.
After leaving Japan, I had been worried about him because I knew he still have many difficulties to live in Japan. And also I miss his delicious foods.
This time, I got a chance to visit Osaka for my business trip. I arranged my schedule to visit his shop with my friends who live in Osaka and Wakayama. He looks find and his shop was still occupied by full of customers. And his shop was refurbished to be extended! And he said he got married and would have a baby within a few weeks. Congratulations! In addition, he had already solved many problems which he had to work. He had done everything! Great!
My turn should be next. I have to live out a dream.