Visiting Kinderdijk

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Jul 25, 2014 05:48
Visiting Kinderdijk

I went to Kinderdijk for sightseeing. Kinderdijk is one of the World Heritage in Holland. It is a small village near Rotterdam and is famous for its windmills. I booked a B and B for two nights near Kinderdijk. It was located in large grass farms. The B and B was originally used as a farm house. I did not see any flower fields around them. I asked the owner of the Band B why they did not grow flowers. He said the field at the area was not suitable for growing flowers. The field contained too much water to grow flowers because the area was reclaimed land. So their main industry of the area was dairy husbandry. The area which could grow flowers was limited in Holland. I was surprised about it because I thought the most part of the country was used for growing flowers.
They lent me a bicycle, so I looked around by it. At first I went to see famous windmills, I enjoyed beautiful sight around them. However, it was raining and cold. I had to hide from the rain. I found a pretty cafe near the windmills. I like a pancake and I was interested in Dutch pancake. I ate it there. It was amazing.
The rain was getting hard; I had to head back to B and B. I got settled there with their dogs during the afternoon.
I had dinner at a local restaurant near the B and B which the owner of the B and B recommended. I ordered the most popular and Holland-like dishes. They served a chicken with peanut source. It was really nice and I noticed they often eat peanut. I wonder why they eat peanut so often, although it cannot be made in Holland. I asked about it to the owner of the B and B. He said Holland and Indonesia still have a tight relationship because Indonesia was colony of Holland. Indonesian culture affected their culture; eating peanut was one of them. I did not know it at all.
Actually, I visited Kinderdijk to see windmills. However, it must be an opportunity to I learned about Holland rather than seeing windmills.