Three days in Berlin (1)

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Jul 15, 2014 18:17
Three days in Berlin (1)

It was my first visit in Berlin. I went there to visit Lilienthalpark and meet fiend who was working there.
At the first day, he was absent from Berlin, then I looked around Berlin by myself. I got up in an early morning and took a train and a bus to Lilienthalpark which is located in the south end of Berlin. It was nice park. I showed my respect to Lilienthal and his colleagues and headed back to Berlin. I had limited time to stay in Berlin, but there were lots of plan to do. I had to move quickly. My friend said that one of the most important food in Berlin is Currywurst, which is sausage with curry powder, and I should eat it with fried potato. I took a train to Wittenberg Platz station. The station is located just under the centre of a big street crossing and there was a Currywurst stall at each corner. Those four stalls faced to face each other. My friend said which was the best: I ordered a Currywurst with potato at the stall. The taste was so amazing. I can strongly recommend you to eat it when you come to Berlin. I agree that we must eat it with potato; the combination of the two produces new taste! Next, I went to Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. Berlin has complex history and the museum showed some important part of history. Although it is not happy place to see, we must come. Then I went to Deutsche Oper Berlin to enjoy Opera. It was so nice.