Paris airshow

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Jul 16, 2014 23:16
Paris airshow

(This is a story from about a year ago.)
I went to Paris to see an international airshow, which was held every two years in Le Bourget.
The highlight of the show in the year was Сухой-35, which is Russian fighter jet plane. The jet plane has a unique flight control system: the direction on the engine thrust can be changed to control its attitude and the system allowed the plane to fly in unique ways. Сухой-35 can almost stop in the air using the system! The performance goes by the name of Cobra. Most of the visitors came to the show to see it and its flight. Of course, me to. I went to the place where Сухой-35 was exhibited at first. It had already drawn a crowd. I saw its unique exhaust system. Oh it is what I wanted to see. It was raining at that day. Cloud ceiling was very low. Although it did a flight display, the special flight "Cobra" was not shown. I was bit disappointed, but I was still happy because I saw Сухой-35!
There were two other things what I wanted to do at the show. First, I wanted to see the flight display of Patrouille de France, which is the French aerobatics team. There are three famous aerobatics team in Europe: the RAF Red arrows (the UK), the Frecce Tricolori (Italia), and the Patrouille de France (France). I'm quite a fan of the RAF Red arrows and I had seen their aerobatics often in the UK. However, I had never seen the other two. They performed aerobatics show, but the low celling prevented them to demonstrate their ability. Although I was bit regret, I appreciated them flying in such bad weather for us.
Second, I wanted to see a zero-gravity test jet plane owned by European Space Agency (ESA). It was a big jet plane, which was originally used as a passenger aircraft. It can make parabolic flight to produce zero-gravity space in its cabin. I wanted to see its cabin. I got a numbered ticket at the EAS booth and went to the place of the airplane at the appointed time. Before getting in the aircraft, visitors watched a short video clip in front of it to learn basic knowledge of the zero-gravity experiments. Then I got in it. It was a huge space inside an aircraft, it must be useful to perform many experiments and trainings for astronauts. A member of the staff answered visitors' questions in it. He said, please ask him in French, Italian or English. Of course, I asked him many questions in English. I was satisfied by his explanations.
Although the bad weather prevented them to perform some shows especially flight displays, it was amazing experience to me.