A dog bit my hip.

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Oct 30, 2014 22:14
A dog bit my hip.

A dog bit me this morning at a park near my flat.
I have a morning jog everyday there. Many people walk around with their dogs without a leashes. I love to see them. It is a pleasant time. However there is only one dog which barks me every time. It is a big black golden retriever. It suddenly bit my left when we passed each other. I found a scratch which length about 5 cm. Fortunately it was not deep. However, I have to be careful because here is not Japan, but the UK. When I was a medical student, I learned that there is a risk of rabid in the most of countries except for Japan. (It has been already extinct in Japan.) I asked its guardian about the history of vaccination on the dog. He said he's done all. I felt ease. However I know dogs' wounds must become suppurative even we use antibacterial drugs and it takes long to cure it. In addition, I had to be careful about the risk of tetanus. Then I went to a private clinic for Japanese in London. The doctor recommended me to use not only tetanus toxoid but also rabies vaccine. I asked him about the safeness of rabies vaccine because I learned it had risks of strong side effects. He said it is not true recently and it is popular to use it in such situation in this country. I thought it must be a good experience to be given it as a medical doctor: it is impossible in Japan. He subscribed antibiotic drug and pain killers, and booked the next day for the second vaccine (It requires injections three times).
Although it was a bad day, I've gained a valuable experience as a medical doctor.