Honey Therapy

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Jul 22, 2014 03:05
Honey Therapy

There are various folk therapies for hay fever. I have annoyed hay fever for about 10 years and I need some drugs to control its symptom. These drugs are quite effective and the side effects of them are little. It was fine, but it is better if I can be drug free. I'm a medical doctor and I know some therapies to change our diathesis to stop hay fever. It is called as the desensitization therapy. However, I did not receive the therapy because it is not easy to practice; it takes a few years.
By chance my friend told me about a folk therapy for hay fever in the UK. She said easting honey can reduce the symptom. She tried it herself and confirmed that it worked. At first, I did not believe her story: most of actual experience stories about health are unreliable because they are unreplaceable. It cannot be medicine. However, her story was interesting. She said the honey must be made near the living place because the honey must contain pollen which cause the hay fever. Also she said that the honey cannot be heated before eating. If the honey is heated, the effect was lost. I thought her explanation might be reasonable. Our digestion system is a part of immune system. For example, small intestine has Peyer's patch which is a part of immune system. The pollen in honey might stimulate it and control our immune system. It might be a same concept of the desensitization therapy. The allergen in pollen is a kind of protein, which can be denaturised by heat. Denaturation deaden the power of allergen of the protein. It sounded interesting. Actually, I like honey. I though it worth trying. After a month eating honey, I could stop using the drug without sever symptom. I'm happy. Although I cannot say it works for everyone as a medical doctor because it was only my experience and it was not a controlled trial, it was good for me.