Visiting Utrecht

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Jul 26, 2014 06:28
Visiting Utrecht

By chance, I visited Utrecht with my friend. Although I know the name, I did not know about the town. There is a theme park of Holland in Japan, which is called "Huis Ten Bosch". Although the park is mixed up of various towns in Holland, Utrecht is one of the most important motif of the park. My friend wanted to see the real "Huis Ten Bosch", we went there. At first, we went to see Dom tower which was a symbol of the town. Huis Ten Bosch has a tower which was copy of the Dom tower and called Dom torun. Actually, I had never been to Huis Ten Bosch, so I could not compare them. However my friend knew it and said they were quite similar. After having coffee at a cafe beside the tower, we strolled through the centre of the town. A canal run through the town and many people enjoyed themselves along the canal: some of them were having lunch, others were having coffee, and others were enjoying boats. It was a really beautiful view!
Utrecht is famous for Nijntje Pluis (Miffy) among Japanese as well. Nijntje Pluis is a small rabbit like fictional character in a series of picture books drawn by Dick Bruna, who live there. There were a Nijntje Pluis museum and Nijntje Pluis traffic signals in Utrecht. Although we did not have time to visit the museum, we went to see the traffic lights, which shape represented Nijntje Pluis. They stood at an ordinary street crossing. Many tourists including us came there and took photos of them in turns.
Unfortunately, we had to leave Utrecht soon for the next place to visit. Next time, I want to stay there and enjoy the town more.