Rare Sugar

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Oct 2, 2014 20:52
Rare Sugar

Rare-sugar is a kind of sugar, which rarely exists in natural world.
It has a similar molecular structure as standard sugar, but they are little bit different each other.
Rare sugar tastes sweet, but it is not used as a source of energy in our body; in other words, they does not have any calories for human. Then it is an important candidate of the diets for the people with metabolic diseases (i.e. diabetes).
Recently, the rare sugar is getting in the market in Japan: It is used in various foods and drinks as sweeter. It is promising product not only in medicine but in economics.
My ex-supervisor in K medical university has had important role to develop it for more than 15 years. It was found in the department of technology in K University and tested in K medical university. When I was a medical student, it was about 15 years ago, he had just started his experiments about the rare sugar using animals. I participated in some experiments a little. About 10 years ago, I graduated from the university and left there to be a medical doctor. Although I met him only once in London 3 years ago when he came for his business trip and heard about the progress of the project, I did not follow the details of it.
Recently, some of my Japanese friends told me that they found some products which contains rare sugar and I realised that it is getting famous. His efforts seems paying off now.
It is more than a decade. It seems that most of the people in the world is too ignorance for science and technologies. I want to emphasize as a scientist, a medical doctor and an engineer, that it takes long time to develop something and it costs a lot not only for money but also for lives of researchers and engineers.
Congratulations for his achievements.