All Saints' Day

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Nov 3, 2014 00:11
All Saints' Day

My friend invited me to go to the Highgate Cemetery with him.
It was the "All Saints' Day (All Hallows)" and an event was held there at the might, although I don't understand it well.
He said that it is the day for honour all the saints/the departed.
People light candles at the night in the cemeteries and they are beautiful and it is a popular custom among Christianity.
I'm not a Christian, but I love seeing beautiful sights and enjoying deferent cultures.
He knows it and invited me.
The Cemetery is located near my flat. I have lived here for four years, but I did not notice the event.
We have to buy a ticket to get in the Cemetery. I booked it on the website in advance.
We met at Archway station which is the nearest tube station of the cemetery.
It was 10 minutes' walk to get there. I showed a ticked at the gate. However a member of the staff at the gate stopped my friend to get in. He did not buy his ticket and was going to buy it at the gate. The staff said that the number of the people who got in was limited and the ticked had been already sold out. Oh No! However, the staff noticed that we are a group and I had my ticket and allowed my friend to get in as an exception. We are lucky.
It was 5pm and it was already dark. We bought candles and strolled in the cemetery.
Candles and the half-moon illuminated the Cemetery and it was so translunary.
There was the tomb of Karl Heinrich Marx. It reminded me that I'm living in the city which has been changing the world.
It was a unique experience for me.
Thank you Ski for inviting me.
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