Trip to Portugal

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Jun 10, 2014 03:04
Trip to Portugal

I had some frequent flier points which would expire soon. I should use them before I lose them. Although the points I had was too little to get an air tickets to go to Japan, it was enough to get a ticket to somewhere inside Europe. I thought I should go somewhere I had never been to. Then I chose Portugal for my destination.
I’m getting interested in European history after moving to London, although I was not interested in before. I realised that understanding historical backgrounds is important to make friends with someone who came from other country. The Age of Exploration is important for European countries and Portugal is one of the key country for the Age. So I was interested in Portugal and this was a good opportunity to go there.
I visited at Lisboa, Sao Pedro do Sul, and Porto.
Lisboa is the capital of Portugal and has a lot of historical place to see. In addition, I ate “Pastel de Nata” which is a Portuguese egg tart pastry. It is so delicious. You should not visit Lisboa without eating it.
Sao Pedro do Sul is a small village in the middle of Portugal, which has good hot spring. I love bathing in hot spring. Their quality of hot spring was quite good. I want to go there again.
Porto is the second largest city in the country and is famous for their beautiful sunset. Fortunately, I saw the sunset from a famous bridge. It was fantastic.
It was very short trip (only 4 nights), it was a great experience for me.
I want to go there again.